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Track Your Assets with Asset Management Software

Asset Management Reporting.

Asset Management - Monitor asset locations

Knowing where things are can sometimes be more important than owning them – especially when they are “mobile assets” or shared items, such as projectors or laptops that travel around your building for use when they are needed.

With AudIT asset management software, you can log where items are each time they’re moved and know exactly where they should be – a process especially useful for portable electronics that might be a valuable target for theft. AudIT can also help with provisions requests to ensure that only necessary equipment purchases take place. On a recent asset discovery visit, SG World engineers discovered and tagged a closet with 20 brand new cameras which had been purchased, put away and then forgotten. Perhaps your school has a crowded ICT room – what resources are in there that you aren’t taking advantage of?

While assets generally means IT equipment like computers, printers and laptops, it can also include high value items such as televisions, kitchen equipment, and whiteboards or specialist items like chemistry sets. Wennington Hall School used the asset management solution to track their specialist equipment – an entire motor vehicle fleet. What might have been a huge task was easy to complete with their asset management software.

Wennington Hall Testimonial

AudIT makes it easy to record movements of everything from a projector going between classrooms, to an ICT lab that’s being set up in a brand new building. The software lets you move individual assets and entire rooms from one location to another in the virtual map of your school or academy’s site as easily as cutting and pasting.

AudIT has a specialist software asset management module that can also be added onto the main program. This powerful tool works across your school or academy’s network to discover the full specification of connected PCs, the location of all installed software, notifies you of changes to the computers or new software installations and tracks changes made to any school computers while they are off site. The Software License Manager additionally helps to ensure that you are effectively using your purchased software licenses and aren’t exceeding the number of installations which your school or academy has paid for.

Is the sheer amount of assets at your school making you think twice about moving to a digital asset management system? SG World can help. We offer a Complete Asset Discovery Service and a yearly Asset Update Service to get your school or academy completely set up with AudIT. All you have to do is ask!

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