Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) is a safety procedure used to isolate and lock machinery or equipment from its power source during maintenance, repair, or inspection to prevent accidental startup. The SG World LOTO kit provides a straightforward solution for implementing LOTO procedures. By effectively isolating equipment, locking it out, and using visible tags, it helps ensure safety compliance with Electricity at Work and PUWER regulations. While many LOTO products offer basic locks and tags, SG World has enhanced this concept with a comprehensive product range, facilitating a thorough isolation process for full control and safety assurance throughout the maintenance process.

Key Control Registers

A key control system enhances security and accountability by tracking the issuance and return of keys.

When a key is issued, the borrower completes a key control pass. The issuing office retains part of the pass and places it on the empty hook in the key cabinet, while the borrower receives the remainder with the key.

This process automatically updates the key control register, providing a master record of all keys issued. This register is useful for tracking keys, especially if someone else needs the same key, a key is not returned, or equipment is missing from a room.

When the key is returned, it is placed back on the hook, and the issuing office destroys the retained portion of the pass. The borrower returns their portion, which is signed and handed back as proof of return. The register is updated with the date and time of the key's return.

Key control registers can be fully branded and customized to meet your specific requirements, improving security, simplifying key management, and providing a clear audit trail

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

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