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How can an off-the-shelf authorisation to work system help you?

The off the shelf contractor authorisation-to-work system allows an organisation to issue all contractors on site a contractor pass featuring all of the Health & Safety rules that must be followed whilst working on site. This pass is worn by the contractor throughout their stay, clearly identifying that they have permission to be on site. The emergency evacuation register within the system provides an accurate, up-to-date record of all contractors on site which is useful in the event of an emergency.

  • As each contractor signs in to begin work, they are issued with a contractors authority-to-work pass, an act recommended in the HSE guidance, Managing Contractors HSG159.
  • The pass also contains details of where the contractor is due to be working, what they will be doing whilst on site and if they require a permit-to-work.
  • At the same time as completing the contractor details on the pass, the Emergency Evacuation Register is automatically completed. This ensures that there is an accurate record of all contractors on site.
  • The pass is placed inside a plastic wallet or armband and is worn throughout their stay, clearly identifying them as an authorised contractor. This helps to identify anyone who isn’t authorised but also clearly identifies anyone who is in an area of the building where they shouldn’t be.
  • Once the work is complete or the contractor is due to leave the premises, the work is thoroughly checked by an authorised competent employee, the Emergency Evacuation signed by the contractor and the employee, and the time of leaving recorded.
  • Time of entry and exit may prove useful in reconciling contractor invoices when charged by the hour.

Off the Shelf Authorisation to Work Passes

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