Working at Heights Permit to Work (Packs of 5)


Protect Your Workers and Ensure Compliance with Our Comprehensive Working at Heights Permit to Work System

Working at heights is one of the most high-risk activities in any industry. That's why it's crucial to implement strict safety protocols to protect your workers and comply with HSE regulations. Our Working at Heights Permit to Work System is a simple yet effective tool that helps you achieve both.

Here's why you need this system:

  • Comprehensive and Easy to Use: Our three-part, A4-sized document is clear, concise, and follows the HSE Guidance on permit to work systems HSG250. It covers all aspects of safe work at heights, including:
    • Job details: Location, date, time, personnel involved, etc.
    • Hazard identification and risk assessment: Identify potential dangers and outline necessary precautions.
    • Pre-work checks and authorizations: Ensure workers are qualified and equipment is inspected.
    • Safe work procedures: Define specific steps to minimize fall risks.
    • Post-work handover and cancellation: Sign-off completed or partially completed work.
  • Enhanced Safety and Reduced Risk: By thoroughly planning and documenting every aspect of the work, you significantly reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. This protects your most valuable asset - your workforce.
  • Improved Communication and Transparency: The system fosters clear communication between you and your contractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding safety protocols.
  • Simplified Compliance: Having a well-defined permit to work system demonstrates your commitment to HSE compliance, making inspections and audits a breeze.

How to use

  1. Issue a permit: Before any work at heights begins, fill out the permit with the relevant details.
  2. Identify hazards and precautions: Conduct a thorough risk assessment and outline necessary safety measures.
  3. Obtain signatures: Both you and the contractor must sign the permit, authorizing the work to commence.
  4. Distribute copies: Store one copy with you, one in the control room, and give the third to the contractor for display at the worksite (marked with a warning triangle).
  5. Handover and cancellation: When the work is complete or paused, collect all three copies and sign them off.

Keep your permits to work secure and undamaged on-site with a waterproof plastic permit-to-work wallet and store all completed permits to work in a handy storage binder.

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If you are looking for more information on Permits to Work - what they are, why they are important and when to use them, check out our library of useful articles and guides. 

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