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What can SGW 5D Visitor do for your company?

If you are looking for an electronic visitor management solution, you’re in good hands with SG World. Making the move to visitor sign-in software with SGW 5D Visitor brings a stylish, modern element to your reception area. It also frees up administration time as visitors can check themselves in and out, quickly and efficiently.

5D Visitor is a cloud-based platform incorporating a visitor contact database, touchscreen and optional barcoded photo ID cards. Visitor management just got simpler with our intuitive dashboard user interface, flexible range of features, easy monthly subscription and full UK and Ireland based support.

Did you know that SGW 5D Visitor has a contactless check-in option to help your business manage visitors and keep the premises COVID secure?


5D Visitor is an easy way of keeping your site access process simple and streamlined. Whether you are looking to bring a modern, professional touch to an unmanned reception area or free up administration time for a busy receptionist, 5D Visitor really enhances your visitor experience.


Sign your staff in and off site quickly and via multiple exit points using a fast barcode or QR scanner. Have an accurate picture of exactly who’s in the building for general use and emergencies. 5D Visitor can also be used to keep track of temporary staff working hours, saving time spent manually completing timesheets.


It’s essential you know when contractors are on site as they may be accessing restricted areas or working on potentially hazardous projects. 5D Visitor is a formal checking-in process for contractors and a way of communicating important health and safety information. You can also have have a specific contractor ID badge design and custom set of check-in screens.


Capture visitor details such as name, image, company name and licence plates to issue personalised, dated identification. SGW 5D Visitor check-in can be configured without dynamic search to conform to GDPR regulations on data privacy.


Make the right impression with visitors from the moment they step through the door. 5D Visitor includes a smart touchscreen display incorporating your corporate branding, images, videos and company specific communications.


Under UK and Irish Health & Safety at Work legislation, a business has a legal duty of care towards staff and visitors. You can use the customisable screens and printed passes in SGW 5D Visitor to communicate any important site H&S and record an acknowledgement that a visitor has read and understood this information.


SGW 5D Visitor helps manage booking in large groups for departmental meetings etc. A number of people can be assigned to a group and booked in as a single action. Additionally, the welcome screen can be easily updated with information on a specific event such as an Open Day or Customer Visit.


5D Visitor’s flexible reporting function lets you retrieve current and past events, sorting visitors by type, purpose of visit and assigned employee. You can also evidence a formal check-in and check-out process, as required in some highly regulated industries with strict site access protocols.


In the event of an emergency, SGW 5D Visitor provides an accurate roll call of visitors on site. The list can also be accessed on a mobile app or any web enabled browser helping fire marshals check all visitors and staff are safely out of the building.

Did you know that 5D Visitor has a contactless check-in option to help your business manage visitors and keep the premises COVID secure?