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How can the customised medicine administration in schools record book help your school?

The medicine administration system can help your school implement best practices for recording when medication has been given to pupils during the school day.

The system allows a school to keep a record of all medicines taken by pupils, whether self-administered or administered by teachers. The slip is provided to the parent/guardian as confirmation of what medicine was administered, when, in what dosage, by whom etc. The register provides a permanent record for the school of all medicines administered to all pupils.

  • The medicine slip is completed as each pupil either self-administers medicine or it is administered by a teacher. The details on the slip automatically copy through to the register as the slip is completed. The register not only provides useful analysis but also provides vital information that may be required at a later date.
  • The medicine slip can either be placed in the pupil's bag, diary or be handed to the parent/guardian when they are collected from school. This ensures that parents/guardians are fully informed of medicine administered along with any problems arising, and can then seek further information from the school if desired.
  • Each register consists of 12 slips. An optional form for parental agreement for school to administer medicine is also available with the system. The system is fully customisable to suit individual schools' needs.