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Latecomers Registration Primary School Bespoke

The latecomers registration system enables a school to record all pupils who arrive late for school. Each late pupil is issued with a latecomers pass, proving that they’ve been recorded as late but also acting as a classroom pass that must be signed by the teacher. The latecomers register provides a complete list of all pupils who have arrived late for school, including the reasons why.

  • As each pupil arrives late for school they report to the point where the system is held, more often than not, the school office. The pupil’s details, together with the reason for their late arrival is recorded on the latecomers pass.
  • At the same time as completing this pass, the latecomers register is automatically updated. This ensures that the school office has an up-to-date register of all late arriving pupils. This helps to highlight pupils persistently arriving late which may require further investigation.
  • The pass is issued to the pupil who must get it signed by the teacher. This helps to ensure that once they have been recorded as late, they remain in school.
  • The pass is handed to the pupils parent at the end of the day. The register can be used to update any computerised registration systems.