Material Guide

Navigating the world of signage can be overwhelming with the multitude of materials available, each suited for different purposes. That's where our handy materials guide comes in. It provides a quick yet comprehensive overview of various signage materials and their recommended usages, helping you make informed decisions for your signage needs.

Aluminium Composite (often known as Dibond):
Aluminium composite is a lightweight panel material very widely used within the sign and display industry due the many benefits which this material provides. An Aluminium Composite sheet has a polyethylene core faced with two thin sheets of aluminium. This aluminium is bonded onto the core during the manufacturing process and it is virtually impossible to separate the layers of material once they have been bonded. This delivers a consistent, smooth print finish across the entire surface area. SG World's dibond print process includes a final lamination adding greater resistance against scratches, UV and chemical damage.

Aluminium Composite is a very cost-effective alternative to traditional aluminium. Like aluminium, an aluminium composite has a great strength to weight ratio and is incredibly versatile, however it’s easier to handle and drill, plus more likely to remain flat after installation, retaining its shape even in extreme temperatures. A 3mm thickness is perfect for quality flat signage.

Recommended Use
Aluminium Composite is a premium grade signage material, with the highest durability and greatest strength to weight ratio in the SG World range. It can withstand prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions without corroding, staining, warping. It is frequently used for exterior health and safety signage, road side signs, industrial and enterprise park signage, shop fascia’s and construction hoarding panels.

Correx is a twin walled extruded polypropylene sheet. It is often described a corrugated plastic, however unlike corrugated cardboard which is made of 3 layers, corrugated plastic is 1 piece, with two flat printable faces with open pipes running through it called ‘flutes’. It is the size of these flutes which give the correx it’s thickness.

Correx is 100% waterproof, lightweight but extremely strong and impact resistant. SG World prints on a 3.5 mm plus grade board which is practically impossible to tear.

Recommended Use
Correx is ideal for signage, its thickness lends it rigidity and strength and it is 100% waterproof. It will perish and disintegrate eventually after very prolonged exposure to direct sunlight so we’d recommend for indoor use or temporary outdoor signage. It is often used for temporary construction safety signage and Estate Agents boards. In exposed, windy areas Correx can be mounted a wooden board to add strength and prevent any warping. It can be screwed using normal wood screws ideally using large washers to avoid the screw heads pulling through the boards.

Don’t be misled, there’s nothing “foamy” about foamex. Foamex is actually a rigid, dense material made from pvc with an excellent strength to weight ratio. It’s incredibly versatile - easy to bend, cut and print with a smooth, laminated, high gloss surface for a professional, quality finish.

Consequently, in addition to signage it is often used to create innovative displays, exhibition and advertising materials as an extremely durable and cost-effective alternative to plywood, aluminium or MDF. It’s weather proof, water repellent, and won’t absorb moisture making it a smart choice for exterior displays. Foamex signs will also be UV repellent and suitable for up to seven years of outdoor use and ten years inside.

Using foamex for medium term saftey signage, marketing campaigns and temporary signage is economical, whilst its strength and durability make it a smart, cost effective choice for permanent signs and displays.

Recommended Use
Often used for POS and exhibition displays as well as signage, foamex is a strong, durable professional finish for long-term inside and outside use. It can be drilled or cut to shape to create stunning bespoke signage.

Foamex signs can be backed with velcro tape or are easy to drill, screw and easily fixed to wooden posts or batons.

Floor Stickers:
Quality floor graphics need specialist materials to ensure they can stand up to regular footfall. Additionally, floor stickers come in a range of grades suitable for different environments such as indoor use, outdoor/heavy duty use or carpet surfaces. They also need to be laminated with an appropriate anti-slip laminate. It’s worth investing in the correct one or you will find your signage will quickly displace and constitute a potential tripping hazard.

Recommended Use

Often used for directional signage, safety signage and promotional messaging, a floor graphic can make a lot of impact as it lies right in the line of sight. Floor graphics can work really well as eye-catching custom designs as they can be cut to any shape and occupy a large surface area.  

Self Adhesive Sticker:
These are also commonly referred to as poly labels or vinyl labels and are a hardwearing, waterproof sticker product that will display your design professionally in almost all situations. They are great value for money and an excellent way to make a big impact with minimal investment.

Recommended Use
Extremely easy to adhere to glass, plastic, screen guards, wood, metal and other hard surfaces but please exercise caution on painted surfaces as may damage paint finish upon removal.

Static Clings:
Static clings are a type of sticker which will adhere firmly to any smooth surface such as glass or metal without using adhesive. Their adhesive properties come from the natural static created when placed on a non-porous surface. Static clings work well on any surface which is clean, smooth and ideally close to room temperature as cold surfaces do not work as well. They are not intended for extended outdoor use.

Recommended Use
As they don’t use adhesive, static clings can be easily moved, repositioned and even washed. They don’t leave any surface marks sometimes associated with strong adhesive. Commonly used on windows, glass doors and vehicles they can be positioned on the inside surface to protect the print where they will typically last for up to three years. SG World static clings will stick on their front or reverse surface. See our video for more information.

Waterproof Posters:
Poster formats are one of the most popular forms of signage, usually available in a range of sizes from A6 up to A1. We’ve taken this traditional format and upgraded it to a weather proof material making it an extremely cost-effective signage option. SG World uses two materials, a 120 micron pro synthetic for up to A3 and a PVC banner hybrid for A2 plus footprints and banners.

The synthetic media is a coated, high quality, innovative polyester film with a paper like finish that is waterproof, grease proof and un-tearable. Our PVC banner print material is a textured 300 micron PVC hybrid mix, giving a “stay flat” satin crystal finish which is scuff resistant with a vibrant print finish. A grey “stop light” backing showcases your design to maximum effect.

Recommended Use

Both materials are robust, tear and weather proof for indoor and outdoor use. The flexible print is suitable for any surface and easy to affix. A good budget option with staying power.