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How can a school incident reporting system help your school?

A minor incident on school premises, such as a nose bleed or headache may not warrant a full accident report but should still be recorded and shared. SG World’s school incident reporting system gives schools a quick but thorough way to capture these sort of incidents, record the important details and share the information with a parent or guardian.


Quick Question - software or paper ??

At SG World we really believe it's horses for courses and that's why we offer schools the choice of a traditional accident/incident reporting paper register and slips. Or a web-based software platform with a whole array of bells and whistles, including a student medication administration feature.

Paper Incident Reporting Range

Available in two formats – a desk register or pocket-sized pad, each solution contains a set of tear-out incident/accident report slips, giving school staff a clear guide on what information to collect and record. A simple checkbox layout means information can be quickly filled in and a time-saving duplication feature creates two copies – one for the parents/guardian and one for a central record, providing useful analysis and review. A best practice approach with minimum paperwork!

Each incident/accident report slip is sequentially numbered for easy reference. The register system clips and folds neatly into a writing board whilst the smaller pad has the added benefit of being easy to carry in the playground or on a school trip. These can be purchased separately or as a starter bundle.

Incident & Accident Reporting Desk Register

Available in a pack of 504 incident/accident report slips.

  • One-write duplication feature creates two copies
  • Tear out notification slips for parents and central record in register


Incident & Accident Reporting Pocket Pad

Pocket-sized pad of 30 incident/accident report slips.  

  • Dimension - 84 x 229mm
  • One-write duplication feature creates two copies, one for parents and one copy remains in pad


Incident/Accident Starter Bundle & Free Sticker Gift

  • 1 x Incident Accident Reporting Register 504 Slip Pack
  • 3 x Incident Accident Reporting Pads
  • 1 x Black leather effect writing board and folder with metal document clips
  • Plus set of 70 First Aid Stickers in a range of designs


Incident/Accident Report Customisation Service

  • Incorporate your school branding
  • Choose you own symptom ticklist
  • Add your school contact details
  • Include a body map
  • Include information on your incident/accident reporting procedure
  • If you have any other requests just let our Design Team know

Our school incident and accident reporting software lets staff quickly and accurately capture important information via a web-based user login and/or a supporting mobile app, as well as keeping parents in the loop with email notifications. The software also includes a useful feature to support the handling, recording and administration of student medication.

School Accident Reporting Knowledge Base

An incident happening on school premises might be as serious as a broken limb or something less worrying such as a short nosebleed. When does an incident become an accident and what is the appropriate way to record it?

How can a school incident reporting system help your school?

The school incident reporting system allows a school to make a record of all incidents occurring to pupils throughout the school day, however insignificant. A copy is provided to the parent keeping them fully informed of incidents, locations, witnesses, treatment etc. The system retains a permanent record of all incidents throughout the school, providing useful analysis and statistics and is retained in case of an accident investigation.

SG World design provide off the shelf school incident reporting.

SG World design and print school incident reporting complete with your colours and logo.

Quickly and accurately capture important information on incidents and accidents via a web-based user login and/or a supporting mobile app.

Practical advice on the legislation and best practice guidance governing incident & accident reporting in schools