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SGW 5D Asset, the powerful cloud-based solution that puts your entire school asset inventory at your fingertips, accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

5D Asset Management for Schools

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SGW 5D Asset is a versatile cloud-based asset management platform which lets you track, manage, support and maximise your school assets throughout their life cycle.

SG World have worked hard with our education customer base to design an asset management platform which is easy to get up-and-running and simple to use. With SGW 5D Asset you can quickly save time managing your inventory and save money deploying your assets more efficiently.

SGW 5D Asset Functionality

Central System Features:

  • Designed for Schools by Educators: Built with your unique needs in mind, ensuring intuitive usability for all staff.

  • Cloud-Based & Secure: Leverage Microsoft Azure's reliable and secure infrastructure for effortless data access and peace of mind.

  • Granular Access Control: Define user permissions for complete control over data visibility and actions.

  • Effortless Navigation: Icon-based interface makes navigating data a breeze, even for tech-averse users.

  • Seamless Document Management: Securely attach documents to assets, buildings, rooms, and people for comprehensive record-keeping.

  • Customisable Reporting: Generate detailed reports tailored to your specific needs, exportable to Office applications for further analysis.

  • API Integration Ready: Connect seamlessly with other software solutions via the REST API for a unified data ecosystem.

  • Dedicated Helpdesk: Track and resolve asset-related issues efficiently with photos and document attachment capabilities.

Software License Management:

  • Centralised License Control: Keep track of all software licenses, procurement details, and usage across your school.

  • Flexible License Types: Define and track site, user, standard, and prohibited licenses to ensure compliance.

  • Real-time Usage Monitoring: Stay ahead of the curve with software title metering and alerts to prevent exceeding license quotas.

  • Suite Management: Simplify management of bundled software like MS Office and Adobe suites.

  • Efficient License Optimisation: Easily cancel or relocate unused licenses for cost-effective resource allocation.

Asset Information Management:

  • Streamlined Disposal Process: Customise a multi-stage disposal process with user-specific permissions for WEEE compliance and data deletion.

  • Detailed Audit History: Track every asset movement and data change for complete accountability.

  • Flexible Data Fields: Capture what matters most with multiple supporting data fields for each asset.

  • Finance-Ready Reporting: Customise fields for detailed financial reporting, including E-Rate and funding data.

  • Customisable Data Formats: Adapt data fields to your needs with text, number, and date options.

  • Targeted Asset Categories: Facilitate easy filtering and reporting by designating specific asset categories.

  • Accurate Depreciation Calculations: Choose from straight-line or reducing-balance depreciation models for comprehensive financial analysis.

  • Effortless Insurance Management: Quickly calculate contents value for accurate premium estimations and claims.

  • Capital Expenditure Tracking: Track improvements and fixed assets in dedicated virtual areas for thorough financial reporting.

  • Dedicated Supplier Hub: Manage supplier details and purchase history for streamlined procurement processes.

Effortless Asset Assignment:

  • Individual Asset Assignation: Assign assets to specific staff and students for clear accountability.

  • Enhanced Student Records: Attach documents to student profiles for audit purposes and compliance.

  • Funding Contribution Tracking: Gain insights into funding contributions with dedicated data fields, alerts, and reporting.

  • Complete Audit Trail: Track the entire history of asset assignments for complete transparency.

  • Dual Location Tracking: Assign assets to both personnel and locations for portable equipment management.

5D Mobile App:

  • Ultimate Convenience: Manage your assets on the go with the intuitive 5D Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.

  • Effortless Inventory Management: Add and manage new inventory seamlessly through the app.

  • Barcode Scanning Efficiency: Radically reduce audit time by scanning barcodes to manage existing inventory.

  • Instant Alerts: Stay informed about new, moved, and missing assets with timely notifications.

  • Visual Documentation: Attach photos of assets, rooms, and documents for enhanced visibility and record-keeping.

  • Multi-Location Management: Ideal for multi-site support staff and MAT asset portfolios, offering comprehensive tracking and auditing.

  • Flexible Connectivity: Enjoy on-the-go functionality with both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G connection options.