Forklift Truck Inspections Poster


Ensure your forklift operations are safe and efficient with our comprehensive A2 Forklift Truck Safety Checklist Poster from SG World. Printed on premium silk poster paper, this durable and easy-to-read guide is designed to help operators and safety inspectors conduct thorough equipment inspections with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Inspection Checklist: Covers all critical components of forklift trucks including fork arms, carriages, positioning locks, adjustment pins, load guards, mast rollers, lift chains, tyres, and more.
  • Specific Sections for Gas and Electric Trucks: Tailored inspection points for gas trucks (e.g., gas valve, supply line, securing strap) and electric trucks (e.g., battery condition, electrolyte levels).
  • Clear Visuals and Text: High-quality silk poster paper ensures long-lasting durability and readability in various working conditions.
  • Convenient Size: A2 dimensions make it easy to display prominently in workshops, garages, or inspection areas for quick reference.
  • Promotes Safety and Compliance: Helps operators and maintenance teams adhere to safety standards and prevent accidents caused by equipment failure.

Equip your workspace with the A2 Forklift Truck Safety Checklist Poster and prioritize the safety and maintenance of your equipment. Ideal for warehouses, construction sites, and industrial facilities, this poster is an essential tool for any forklift operation. Order now and keep your team safe and your forklifts in top condition!

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