HGV Inspection Checklist (Pad of 30)


The HGV inspection pad enables an organisation to work through a duplicate checklist and carry out a walk around check of a vehicle, ensuring that it is safe for use. The top copy of the checklist is either displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle to show that it has passed its inspection or is handed in to the transport office. The duplicate copy remains fast in the pad as evidence that the walk around check has taken place in the event of an HSE or VOSA investigation.

When conducting a daily walk around check the driver can simply work down the inspection checklist, checking the safety of each component in turn. This simple procedure helps you to comply with VOSA guidance as well as the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 commonly referred to as PUWER, that state that all work equipment provided to employees must be maintained and be safe to do the job for which it is intended.

Once the walk around check is complete, assuming safety has been established, the inspection certificate can either be placed inside a safety status indicator in the windscreen of the vehicle, ensuring that every employee can clearly see that it is safe for use or it can handed in to the transport office. Failing vehicles can be similarly identified but handed over for maintenance.

The duplicate copy of the certificate remains inside the inspection pad and can be used as evidence of inspections should you ever need to produce this for the HSE or VOSA.

Each pad allows you to perform 30 inspections on a piece of equipment.  Don't forget your windscreen status indicator wallets

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