Ice Warning Flashing LED Safety Sign


Our Ice Warning safety sign is a highly visible reminder for people to take care in icy conditions.

  • Energy Efficient
  • No Mains Supply Needed
  • Advanced Temperature Sensor
  • 350 x 500mm

Using the latest PIC chip technology with no moving parts, the sign is in the form of an ISO standard ice crystal warning logo with ultra-bright blue LEDs located at the 6 points. These flash when the air temperature approaches freezing. Available with fixings for both post and wall mount. The ice warning sign has built-in batteries so requires no mains power connection. The patent protection design also allows the batteries to last 2-3 years. Easy installation – no wires, no mess, no fuss.

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Product Specification

Using super bright LED technology the Ice Guardian sign, grabs attention by enabling the flash to be seen in the users peripheral vision. The unit utilises internal batteries to flash bright blue LEDs whenever the temperature falls below 3°C. it is fully automatic and has no moving parts. No mains power is necessary and the sign unit is manufactured from 3mm recyclable polycarbonate.

The Ice Guardian unit can be delivered switched on, in which case just placement is required. When switching on the sign self-tests all functions by first flashing the ambient temperature, then there is a 5 minute demo sequence followed by the operational mode. The patent-protected design uses state-of-the-art PIC chip technology, with ultra-low power consumption requiring no mains supply. It has no moving parts and is fully weather sealed, making it both robust and reliable. Minimum maintenance is required just replace the batteries every few years depending on the harshness of the winter season.


The Ice Guardian sign is manufactured in such a way that it can be easily mounted on both a post and on a wall, depending on the client’s requirements.

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