Isolation Certificate Kit (Pack of 10)


A pack of 10 LOTO Lock Out Tag Out Isolation Certificates with hazard sign reverse.

The isolation certificate works hand in hand with the LOTO register/tag as a way to double check equipment is safe prior to maintenance work being started and normal operation resumed. The HSE recommend that a series of additional safety checks are put in place at these stages to “reduce risk as low as reasonably practicable”.

The isolation certificate houses a series of simple step-by-step checks for the engineer to run through before and after completing their work, eg: is the equipment storing any residual energy which needs releasing or once work is completed, have the machine guards been put back in place? SG World has developed the certificate using best practice safe isolation principles from HSE HSG253 and customer feedback.

Dimensions: A4 / 210mm (h) x 297mm (w)

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