Keep Clear Floor Safety Sign


Use our Keep Clear anti-slip, floor safety sign. around your building to prevent exits, entrances or walkways from being obstructed.  

The Keep Clear safety floor sign is a blue mandatory category sign conforming to the BS5499 standard. Our floor signage is available in a number of sizes and printed on textured, hard wearing material with options for indoor or heavy-duty outdoor use. 



Suitable for all smooth, hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling
• Unique sharkskin coating
• R10 certified
• Easy to apply and easy to remove
• Ultra-tough polyester base


SG World’s heavy duty floor graphics are ideal for signage on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and stone for outdoor use or areas experiencing frequent, heavy traffic. It is easy to apply and is easily removable after usage. Fire rated according to DIN EN-13501-1 the laminated material is also resistant to water and most petroleum based oils, greases and aliphatic solvents, mild acids, alkalis and salts, lasting up to 6 months outdoors in middle European climate, depending on mechanical load. The 125 micron film has a anti slip structured surface that has been tested for slip resistance according to ASTM and DIN 51130 R9 and has an insurance warranty against injury.

Installation Instructions

SG World floor signs are manufactured using an ultra-tough polyester film with zero stretch, enabling very accurate placement. Installation must be undertaken as follows.
• The floor must be clean, dry, smooth and all dust and debris removed.
• Hold at circa 25 degrees to the floor and keep a firm tension, whilst a colleague applies firm pressure to apply the graphic to the floor.
• Use light and steady pressure
• Once sign is placed please keep free from foot traffic, ideally for at least 12 hours to allow adhesive to bond

Want to Customise?

Looks good but need something personalised for you and your workplace? Check out our customisation options.

SG World have in-house expertise in design and print so if you’re looking for something with your personal branding, a quick format tweak or a complete re-design, we have the experience and resources in place to quickly transform an idea into a practical solution.  Find out more.

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