Visitor management systems for UK schools - electronic visitor registration and visitor pass books

SG World's innovative range of school Visitor Management Systems can help a school or college professionally identify and welcome visitors, check staff in and out of school premises and safeguard children. Whether you're looking for a paper visitor pass or an electronic visitor sign in system, we will have the right solution at the right price for your school. All of our visitor management products are fully customisable and supported by our dedicated UK customer service team.

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School Visitor Pass - Standard (Packs of 250)


The visitor pass system allows organisations to issue all of their visitors with a visitor pass featuring Health, Safety & school rules that must be followed whilst on-site. This pass is then visibly worn by the visitor throughout their stay, clearly indicating that they are authorised to be on site. The emergency evacuation register within the system provides an accurate, up-to-date record of all visitors on site which is useful in the event of an emergency.

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Paper or Electronic?

SG World have a full range of print and software visitor management products so you can chose the solution that’s right for you. Check out our visitor management software platform here

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School Visitor Management Systems: Make a Good First Impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and a smart visitor management system enhances your school image with visitors, parents, staff and students alike. Add your school badge and colours to a visitor pass or electronic touchscreen to really showcase your school

School Visitor Management Systems: Electronic Visitor Sign In and Paper Visitor Pass Solutions

A visitor badge system will help you manage visitors who should be on site . . . and identify people who shouldn’t. Additionally, a visitor pass or touchscreen can incorporate important site health and safety policies, helping businesses fulfil their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

School Visitor Management Systems:
Improve School Security and Safeguarding

Schools have a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment and a key part of this is knowing who is on school premises and making sure any authorised visitors are easily identifiable. A visitor badge system will help you keep track of people who should be on site . . . and identify people who shouldn’t. Additionally, a visitor pass or touchscreen can incorporate important safeguarding and health and safety policies for your school.

School Visitor Management Systems: Emergency Roll Call

An effective school visitor management system will give you an up-to-date, accessible roll call in case of an emergency evacuation. It’s also helps school fire wardens provide emergency services with an accurate list of who is in, out or expected at the premises.

School Visitor Management Systems: Streamline your Visitor Check-In

A school reception area can be a very busy place with lots of comings and goings. Whether it’s a paper visitor register or electronic sign in, a visitor management system helps a busy administrator quickly capture visitor information in a structured way, communicate any important information and keep an accurate visitor record.

School Visitor Management Systems: Contractor Control

Schools often bring in external contractors to help keep the school buildings and facilities safe and fit-for-purpose. These visiting contractors may be accessing areas normally off limits to other visitors and working in potentially hazardous situations. SG World have specialised paper and electronic school contractor pass solutions to help you keep track of work being done on site and address specific safeguarding and health and safety requirements.