Dumper Truck Pre-Use Visual Inspection Checklist (Pad of 30)


Site dumpers are involved in around a third of construction transport accidents. The dumper truck inspection pad helps businesses perform their pre-use or daily safety inspections. The checklist is designed to help you comply with your duty of care under  PUWER and the CDM regs. The duplicate checklist design creates two signed copies of each inspection and incorporates a PASS/FAIL notice. Each pad has 30 checklists and is used in tandem with a hi-vis display wallet 

Dimensions: 84mm (h) x 229mm (w)

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How to use

Before every shift, the operator of the truck can simply work down the pre-use inspection checklist, checking the safety of each component in turn. Once the inspection is complete, assuming safety has been established, the green PASS inspection certificate can be placed inside a safety status indicator on the dumper truck ensuring that everyone can clearly see that the truck is safe for use. Failing trucks can be similarly identified by a red FAIL certificate and reported for maintenance. The duplicate copy of the certificate remains inside the inspection pad and can be used as evidence of inspections should you ever need to produce this for the HSE or other official parties.

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What areas should be looked at in the dumper pre-use check?

The daily or pre-use check should include the following areas:


Oil and Fuel Leakage
Engine Oil and Coolant level
Steering pump fluid level
Radiator condition and leakage
Belts condition and tension
Clutch fluid level

Oil Pressure Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Air Pressure Gauge

Horn, wipers and washer sprinkler
Signal directional lights
Hazard and blinker lights
Dashboard, tail, park and stop lights
Back-up alarm and back-up lights
Headlamps and beacons 
Side mirrors and cab doors locking device

Test for brake operation ( Wheel and park brake)
Hydraulic hoses & tubes for leakage
Lift Cylinder for leaks pins and joints condition
Hydraulic fluid level
Spring, Center bolts and U-clamps
Tires general condition and pressure
Tailgate hinges and locking mechanism 

What's the guidance on dumper truck inspection and maintenance?

The HSE recommend a programme of daily visual checks, regular inspections and servicing schedules should be established in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the risks associated with each vehicle.

Drivers should report defects or problems. Reported problems should be put right quickly and the dumper taken out of service if the item is safety critical.

What are the main hazards associated with dumper trucks

Most fatal injuries involving dumpers are caused by:

  • Overturning – over 60% of dumper deaths involve the driver being crushed when the vehicle overturns;
  • Collision – most other deaths occur when pedestrians are struck by the dumper when it is moving

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