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What is 4D?

4D is a cloud-based platform developed by SG World to help customers manage their people, places, things and time in a smart, intuitive way. 4D Visitor is the flagship product of an expanding family of innovative software modules, streamlining the way you work.


Welcome, identify, track and impress your visitors from the moment they walk into your business

Why choose SG World for Electronic Visitor Management Systems?


Simplify your visitor sign in and free up administration time. For increased efficiency regular and expected visitors can be scheduled into the software. Print and issue a high-quality photo ID, clearly showing visitor details, visit information and what access has been granted. Barcoded pass ensures fast check-in and check-out.


Latecomers can check in on arrival and be asked to input a supporting reason for their lateness. This is recorded and can be updated into SIMs, as well as a supporting pass printed to pass to the class teacher. Pupils leaving school outside of normal hours for things like doctors and dentist appointments, can also be checked in and out using an authorised absence module. Authorised absence pass can be printed off to demonstrate the pupil is not playing truant.


Staff can be quickly and easily booked in and off site using integrated barcoded ID cards and scanners. Intuitive, flexible reporting quickly shows staff current whereabouts and a complete exit/entry history.


Whether you want to know who’s on site right now, who you’re expecting later or a complete history of visitor, contractor and staff movements, the answers are only a click away with our flexible reporting function. A simple reporting system allows you to monitor who is in the building at any time, look-up historical visitor information and generate an evacuation roll call in just one button click.


4d Visitor for Schools allows integrations with SIMs and other school MIS.


Mobile Firewarden App for emergency evacuation for roll call from multiple locations accessing real time data.


SG World continually invest in the hardware element of their electronic visitor management range selecting specialist computer hardware designed for continual operation in demanding environments without compromising on style or ease of use. These options mean our schools avoid frustrating downtime and a poor visitor experience.


Choose from a huge range of ID Card and Paper pass holders and attachments including armbands, lanyards and clips and colour coded plastic wallets,