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What can SGW 5D Visitor do for your school?

Knowing who is on school premises is a key aspect of safeguarding. Check in visitors, pupils, staff and contractors, quickly and efficiently with our SGW 5D Visitor software platform. SGW 5D Visitor is a cloud-based program, incorporating a visitor contact database, touchscreen and MIS integration with optional barcoded photo ID cards.

SG World has developed SGW 5D Visitor as a dedicated, low cost solution for schools featuring an intuitive dashboard user interface, a flexible range of features, a simple monthly subscription and full UK and Ireland based support.

SG World 5D Visitor Management Logo | SG World

Did you know that SGW 5D Visitor has a contactless check-in option to help your business manage visitors and keep the premises COVID secure?

Pupil Management | 5D SG World


In addition to a basic check-in function, 5D Visitor has a set of dedicated features to help schools track punctuality and authorised absence. So you always have peace of mind when it comes to a pupil’s whereabouts.

Safe guarding | 5D SG World


Knowing who is on site is an important element of school safeguarding. 5D Visitor gives a real-time view of who’s on site but also has a flexible reporting function which lets you collate historical data on visitors, staff, students and contractors entering and exiting the building.

Staff Management | 5D SG World


In addition to visitors, 5D Visitor can also track staff entering and exiting the building so you’re not wasting time trying to physically locate a staff member who’s currently off site.

Contactor Management | 5D SG World


It’s important to keep track of any visiting contractors so you are aware of when any potentially hazardous work is being undertaken and what hours have been spent on site. The contact database can also keep a note of DBS checks etc.

After School Activities | 5D SG World


5D Visitor helps manage groups such as after school clubs and sports teams. Additionally, the welcome screen can be easily updated with information on a specific event such as a Parents Evening or School Play.

H&S Compliance Icon | 5D SG World


Under UK and Irish Health & Safety at Work legislation, a school has a legal duty of care towards staff and visitors.
5D Visitor can incorporate important Health and Safety information on its welcome screens and printed passes.

Fire Alarm break Glass | 5D SG World


In the event of an emergency, 5D Visitor provides an accurate roll call of visitors on site. The list can also be accessed on the 5D Visitor mobile app or any web-enabled browser helping fire marshals check all visitors and staff are safely out of the building.

GDPR Safe |5D SG World


5D Visitor can be configured to protect contact data privacy by not displaying any personal details, helping you keep GDPR compliant.

Your School Image | 5D SG World


You only get one chance to make a first impression and a visitor management touchscreen like 5D Visitor lets everyone know your school takes security seriously and has a professional system in place to track and identify everyone on site.

SG World 5D Visitor Management Logo | SG World

Did you know that 5D Visitor has a contactless check-in option to help your business manage visitors and keep the premises COVID secure?

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