LOTO Lock Out Tag Out Register and Tags


Our Lock Out Tag Out LOTO multipurpose register and tagging system houses specific job details and responsible contact information both as a central record and at point of use. It is available in two options:

Basic LOTO Register/Tags

  • 100 Lock off slips (tags)
  • 4 Lock off registers to record all lock offs conducted. 

LOTO Register/Tags & Writing Board/Storage Folder

  • 100 Lock off slips (tags)
  • 4 Lock off registers to record all lock offs conducted. 
  • 1 writing board to neatly house all of the LOTO records
  • 10 plastic wallets to house the tags
  • 10 cable ties for attaching the plastic wallets to the main power switch to identify the lock off

How to Use

The slip is completed, placed in a wallet and attached on or near the equipment with a cable tie. Additional information recorded on the tag is also retained in the LOTO™ register giving the Health & Safety Manager and external/internal auditors access to important information about past jobs, such as frequency and time taken. This record can help improve maintenance planning going forward and identify any recurring issues as well as evidence a track record of best practice. LOTO™ centralises Lock Out Tag Out into a formal, auditable process, clearly identifying job specifics and responsible personnel. The visibility of any on-site Lock Out Tag Out activity is increased and the tick-box based work instruction means everyone can easily follow the same robust safety procedure.

Isolation certificates can also be purchased to attach to equipment and refill kits are available here.

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