MEWP Pre-Use Visual Inspection Checklist (Pad of 30)


MEWPs can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on your site. Ensuring that they’re inspected regularly for safety helps to reduce the possibility of accidents occurring. The MEWP inspection pad helps businesses perform their pre-use or daily safety inspections. The checklist is designed to help you comply with your duty of care under HSE guidance L117 and PUWER. The duplicate checklist design creates two signed copies of each inspection and incorporates a PASS/FAIL notice. Each pad has 30 checklists and is used in tandem with a hi-vis display wallet 

Our checklists are suitable for use with any standard MEWP including Genie, Manitou Skyjack and Niftylift. 

Dimensions: 84mm (h) x 229mm (w)

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How to use

Before every use, the operator of the MEWP can simply work down the inspection checklist, checking the safety of each component in turn. Once the inspection is complete, assuming safety has been established, the green PASS inspection certificate can be placed inside a safety status indicator on the MEWP ensuring that everyone can clearly see that the truck is safe for use. Failing MEWPS can be similarly identified by a red FAIL certificate and reported for maintenance. The duplicate copy of the certificate remains inside the inspection pad and can be used as evidence of inspections should you ever need to produce this for the HSE or other official parties.

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What does MEWP mean?

A MEWP is a Mobile Elevating Work Platform. MEWPs have two basic categories, boom such as cherry pickers and vertical lift such as scissor lifts. 

What is a MEWP pre-use check? 

The MEWP operator is responsible for carrying out a basic daily/pre-use function check. These checks will confirm that the machinery is safe to operate and identify any potential hazards it may pose before the work at height is carried out. Records of these checks should be kept. Checks usually include visual and function checks covering areas such as:

Controls – Test all lift controls before any people or equipment are raised from the ground. This should include cut out switches and emergency stop mechanisms.

Hydraulic fluid and petrol – The oil level in the tank should be full when the platform is on a level surface and there should be enough fuel in the tank to complete the job.

Maintenance – Check the vehicle for any signs of damage or age which might cause it to malfunction. This should include identifying damaged or loose hoses or fittings, rust, corrosion, holes and electrical faults.

Stability – For a mobile access platform, the brakes of the vehicle should be fully functional. The base of a powered access platform needs to be locked into position before the platform is extended or elevated. Check all stabiliser legs and extendable parts are operational before use.

For more information check out our blog on MEWP pre-use safety inspection legislation.

How often do MEWPS need to be inspected?

The HSE recommends that a programme of daily visual checks, regular inspections and servicing schedules should be established in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the risks associated with each MEWP.

A thorough examination must be carried out every six months by a competent person, or at an increased frequency in accordance with an examination scheme drawn up by such a competent person. 

For more information check out our blog on MEWP pre-use safety inspection legislation.

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