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What is Asset Management?

Asset Management from SG World is designed specifically for schools and academies. It gives you the tools to keep information about your high value items all together in a single software solution. The easy to use software can immediately help departments, from IT to facilities to administration by letting them report on any information contained in the database for purposes like insurance, scheduling maintenance, warranty, support contracts, budgeting and procurement. Our Asset Management solution is internet-based and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and many mobile devices.

Asset Management from SG World can track your school or academy’s entire holdings to create a complete asset register for administration, insurance and financial planning. It will record all of your assets: from ICT equipment, computers and software to furniture, electrical items and classroom instruments or teaching aids. With no limits on the number of assets you can add,, this is an asset management solution that is guaranteed to grow with your school.

Asset Management from SG World is a software solution that takes you away from pencils and paper, or multiple spreadsheets. It lets you set levels of control over who can add, edit, change or dispose of the assets in the program; the information about your assets won’t be changed without your knowledge. Our Asset Management solution keeps your information stored securely, and, because it runs on the web, it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

If your school has wanted to put an asset management solution in place, but hasn’t been able to find the time, SG World's DBS-checked engineers will come to your school to tag and photograph all of your assets, set up your system and train your staff. It’s a complete service that takes the pain away from moving to a complete asset management software solution – and it’s just a phone call away.

Asset Management Solutions for Bursars and Finance Managers

  • Levels of control help you meet your financial obligations under the Academies Handbook or the Schools Financial Value Standard

  • Easily produce accurate reports on anything in the system for asset replacement, warranty checks, insurance purposes or procurement and budgeting.

  • Avoid over payment on insurance premiums with accurate total asset and room contents values that includes depreciation, damage or loss.

Asset Management for ICT Departments

  • Automated discovery lets you find and map the PC and Mac computers on your network with the click of a button.

  • Software metering function tracks the actual usage of software across your network so you can see if there are underused or spare software licenses available.

  • E-Safety alerts monitor if new software is installed on networked computers.

  • Optional software module helps you track software assets across your network.

  • Track IP address changes in the event of theft.

Asset Management Systems for Facilities Managers

  • Create maintenance schedules for each room, floor or building on your site using Asset Management.

  • Instantly access room schematics like dimensions, fire exits and alarm zones.

  • Store photos of rooms to track damage and condition.

  • Keep risk assessments, maintenance records and photographs of an asset all in a single file.

School Asset Management

Moving to a digital asset register might be something your school has recently considered – or maybe it’s been on the to-do list for a while, but you’ve never found the time. An asset management software solution like AudIT has many benefits for purchasing and administration which can help save your school time and money in the long run.

Asset Management from SG World is internet based, meaning you can access it from any computer with an internet connection, and from mobile phone and tablets using the Asset Management mobile application. The system can hold an unlimited number of assets and all of their information – including warranty, maintenance schedules, photographs, lease/HP agreements or proof of purchase. Asset Management from SG World is easy to use, with a visual interface that lets you view the contents of sites, buildings and rooms, or see the assets entered into the system by category.

The powerful reporting functions mean that you can plan purchasing decisions based on the actual number of assets you have and their actual value. Reporting features include a calculator that can automatically tell you the depreciated value of an individual asset or a category of assets. You can find out when warranties are due to expire, schedule maintenance, risk assessments or PAT tests and record the disposal of items in your school’s inventory.

A big challenge for schools wanting to move to an asset management solution is finding the time. SG World has a solution that takes the pain away with an Asset Discovery Service. Our DBS-checked engineers will come to your site and barcode and photograph all of your assets and set them up on Asset Management from SG World, leaving you with a fully populated and functioning asset management software solution. All you need to do is give us a call!

Asset Management and the Academies Financial Handbook with Asset Management from SG World

Academies have the freedom to make their own decisions and manage their own budgets. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to manage your own finances and assets. Just buying the right equipment to support your students is only the beginning. There are also the processes to support maintenance programmes, manage disposal, and plan purchasing decisions for the future.


The Department of Education details mandatory requirements for academies in the Academies Financial Handbook. These include the requirements that an academy’s internal governance needs to have processes that address management and oversight of assets, the risk of fraud and theft and ensuring efficiency and value for money in the organisation’s activities.

Asset Management from SG World is an easy to use asset management software solution that can ensure that your academy meets the DfES’s financial requirements. Our Asset Management Solution makes the process of managing a school inventory easy and provides accurate information about assets that can support decisions by Finance and IT departments and governing bodies. Asset Management from SG World can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. We keep your data secure; making sure it will be available whenever you need it.

SG World offers an Asset Discovery Service to support academies looking to set Asset Management from SG World up in their school. Our DBS checked engineers will come on site and do all of the work of creating a complete inventory and asset register for you – from barcoding and photographing, to entering the locations and associated data onto the system. We provide staff training and UK-based telephone and email Help Desk support to make sure you’re never at a loss for managing what you own.

Manage one School or Three... with Asset Management from SG World is as easy for one school as it is four, five or six - No extra effort required.

Asset Management from SG World is a unique and scalable program which can be ideal for foundations, trusts, or local authorities looking to manage multiple schools or academies across many different locations. The internet-based software means that there’s no need for one centralised log-in – you can access Asset Management from SG World anywhere to get the big picture for your entire group.

Keep Your Schools on The Same System

With Asset Management from SG World you can set up a virtual representation of each school or academy which your organisation manages. You will be able to view as much – or as little – detail as you require for each school whenever you need it.

Set Different Access Levels For Multiple Users

Asset Management from SG World lets you create up to 12 users out of the box. You can create a user account for each school or academy in your organisation and choose how much control over the system you allow them to have. You can limit what users can see and what changes they can make, or set up an approval system to make sure all changes are checked by a manager before making them live on the system.

Harness Group Purchasing Power

Know exactly what’s in all of your schools or academies when it comes time to make purchasing decisions. Asset Management from SG World reporting functions mean you don’t have to operate blind. You can make informed decisions about equipment replacement or provisioning with up-to-date information instead of relying on reports or surveys that may be months or years out of date.

Pain-free Installation and Set Up

With SG World's complete Asset Discovery Service installing a digital asset management system across multiple schools or academies in your group is as simple as a single phone call. Our CRB-checked engineers will populate your copy of Asset Management from SG World with assets across as many sites as you need, leaving you with a completely populated system to help you start saving immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the software installed on the school’s network or hosted?

Asset Management from SG World is a cloud based system, which is hosted at a major UK hosting centre.


How do I access Asset Management from SG World?

Asset Management from SG World is accessed through your web browser and is a cloud based system. Data is hosted at a secure UK hosting centre.


Can my school have multiple users of the asset management software?

Asset Management from SG World provides a permission based multi user system. This allows you to restrict access on a need to know basis.


How many users can I have on Asset Management from SG World?

Every Asset Management from SG World account provides 12 users. Each user can have highly refined access rights to ensure they only have access to what is needed on the system.


Will my disposal history be detailed and recorded?

Asset Management from SG World provides a comprehensive disposal rights and audit trail. Schools benefit from a three stage disposal process and customisable disposal reporting.


Does Asset Management from SG World capture an audit trail?

Asset Management from SG World allows a school to quickly trace an asset’s historical movement.


Can photos and documents be added to the software?

Asset Management from SG World allows you to attach photos against rooms and assets. This will help to provide proof of ownership for insurance purposes.


Why should I add photos and documents into Asset Management from SG World ?

Adding photos and documents to Asset Management from SG World allows schools to keep important information associated with the assets on the system. These also provide excellent supporting information in the event of an insurance claim.


Can I import my existing data from spreadsheets?

Asset Management from SG World includes a CSV Data importer exporter. This allows you to import your existing asset records from Excel.


Can I create my own reports?

Asset Management from SG World allows users to report on any data behind assets, producing accurate forecasts and schedules.


What kind of data is contained behind assets?

The data contained behind assets can be as extensive as necessary. Asset fields include data such as purchase dates, costs, subscription and warranty information, replacement dates, leasing information, serial numbers, sub- assets, etc.


Does Asset Management from SG World calculate depreciation?

Asset Management from SG World provides an easy to use depreciation module, which automatically calculates depreciation against individual assets and asset categories. Schools can create their own asset categories and standards for depreciation.


Can Asset Management from SG World be used to manage multiple schools or academies?

Asset Management from SG World can be used with the Account Manager module to view and manage multiple academies. This module is ideal for trusts and foundations.


Does Asset Management from SG World work with mobile phones?

Asset Management from SG World works with iPhones, Smart Phones, Windows Phones, iPads and Tablets.


How does Asset Management from SG World differ between the mobile and desktop versions?

Asset Management from SG World desktop provides a central system to store extensive asset information and view a virtual representation of the school. Our Asset Management solution on desktop is the ideal environment to produce detailed reports and refined searches, as well as adding large numbers of assets in bulk. Asset Management Mobile is an essential tool that provides schools with a quick and easy way to conduct site audits, track movements as well as scanning serial numbers and asset numbers from barcodes.


How can SG Worlds Asset Management software reduce your insurance premium?


  • An asset management solution can help reduce your insurance premiums by making sure you don’t overpay on the value of the items you own.
  • Asset management software can help your school or academy accurately budget for procurement of equipment
  • An asset management system can help get the most value for money by managing the life cycle of your school or academy’s life cycle.

Did you know that salary for a fulltime ICT technician can range from £15,000 – £24,000? You might be spending that money more effectively, like a business manager from one of our Academies said: “Without the software I would require another ICT technician to look after tasks such as asset reporting and general inventory audits. The solution really does provide the Academy with substantial cost savings; the cost of a member of staff to be correct."

Insurance is a product that we buy hoping we’ll never have to use it – so no wonder that many people don’t pay it too much attention until the worst does happen; and then it’s too late. School and academies additionally have their own specialist insurance requirements. Arson is the largest cause of school fires and a well-appointed IT department or ICT lab can be a tempting target for thieves.

While it’s easy enough to buy insurance, if the cover isn’t right, a cheap deal can turn out be very expensive indeed. One of the most important questions that need answering as part of an insurance review is: what is the value at risk? Establishing the correct sum insured is the foundation of good insurance and can avoid a shortfall in a claims settlement with your insurer.

Setting the sums insured for contents can be tricky unless the school has an asset register with each and every item included. Asset Management from SG Worlds complete, online solution means your school has an asset register that can be accessed or updated anywhere. Using SG World’s asset management software, your school or academy can ensure it has:

  • An accurate list of assets and their values
  • An up-to-date record showing proof of purchase and photographic evidence
  • The knowledge that your insurance premium is accurately reflecting the real value of your assets with Asset Management from SG World's depreciation calculator.
  • Off-site, secure data hosting means your asset register is held safely off-site if you ever needed to make a major claim

Our powerful reporting functions include a one-click calculator to show you the actual values of your school’s inventory in Asset Management from SG World . This simple tool is an easy check to see that your school or academy has the right amount listed on your insurance.


Asset Management from SG World ease of use means that in the case of a burglary or catastrophic event, finding the evidence to make an insurance claim doesn't take away time that could be better used managing a school. A recent quote from one of our customers said: "Unfortunately we are still the victim of regular burglaries with four in the last three years. It would have taken me two weeks for each claim to carry out a manual audit on the missing items. I simply cannot afford that time out of my busy schedule when running the IT of such a large primary school. With the software I was able to discover the information within 15 minutes and report to our insurance company."

Can Asset Management from SG World help you with your budget?

Our customers see a 50% return on investment . . . Will you?

Asset Management from SG World provides your school or academy with the information you need to make informed investment decisions. With over £9 billion spent in total by schools each year on resources other than teaching staff, deciding what to buy and when can be one of the most important decisions made by a school or academy’s business manager. Effective procurement decisions can free up funds for increasing staffing or providing greater educational provisions.

With Asset Management from SG World , you can quickly create accurate budget forecasts that tell you what in your school inventory will need replacing, or if there are equipment needs that cannot be filled through your existing assets. The software’s reporting tools give you a quick and easy way to look at each asset in your school inventory and find out:

  • Its warranty and maintenance status
  • If it is under a current support contract
  • If it is due for replacement
  • When its last PAT test was and when it is next due for testing
  • Lease or hire purchase agreement expiration dates


Do You Know The Accurate Value of Every Item In Your School at This Moment?

The actual current value of the assets in your school or academy is valuable information. Too often though, this information is difficult to calculate and even harder to keep up-to-date and have available when you need it. Asset Management from SG World can help, with powerful monitoring that can provide you with reports on what you actually own, what its maintenance and repair status is, and what it’s actually worth – all at the click of a button.


Asset Management from SG World lets you attach multiple documents, photos and images to an asset’s record – anything you would want to refer to when budgeting, making a claim, or sending an item for repair. With this function your school can keep data such as proof of ownership, lease or HP agreements, maintenance records, warranty information and PAT testing information together and accessible by viewing a single record. With paper records, or a desktop computer-based program, there’s the possibility that your records could go missing or be lost when you need them. Asset Management from SG World is accessed through the internet, meaning your data is always safe and always available when you want it.

Our powerful reporting functions let you manage your assets from the moment they enter the school (and your asset register) all the way through until you dispose of or replace them. The reports to manage the life cycle of the assets in your school inventory include:

Warranty Expiration Alerts

  • Get alerted when an object is going out of warranty
  • Keep license numbers, manufacturer’s details and key contacts together in a single record
  • Know instantly if a broken item is under warranty and know who to call for repairs

Schedule Maintenance

  • Take control of scheduling risk assessments and maintenance schedules with Asset Management from SG World
  • See maintenance schedules for objects, rooms or buildings

Depreciation Calculator

  • Calculate the depreciation for individual assets or categories of assets
  • Set your purchase price and the length of time for depreciation
  • Make sure you’re getting the full value for your money by using an object to the full extent of its lifetime!

Record Asset Disposals

  • Keep a record of assets that have been removed from Asset Management by SG World
  • Attach reasons for removing something from your school inventory
  • Show that you comply with legislation such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) laws

Asset Management from SG World can grow with your school, and lets you add as many items as you need to your school or academy’s inventory. With SG World’s annual audit service, our DBS checked engineers can also come out to your school on a regular basis to barcode and photograph new assets and keep your system up to date.

Asset Management - Monitor asset locations

Knowing where things are can sometimes be more important than owning them – especially when they are “mobile assets” or shared items, such as projectors or laptops that travel around your building for use when they are needed.

With Asset Management from SG World you can log where items are each time they’re moved and know exactly where they should be – a process especially useful for portable electronics that might be a valuable target for theft. Asset Management from SG World can also help with provisions requests to ensure that only necessary equipment purchases take place. On a recent asset discovery visit, SG World engineers discovered and tagged a closet with 20 brand new cameras which had been purchased, put away and then forgotten. Perhaps your school has a crowded ICT room – what resources are in there that you aren’t taking advantage of?

While assets generally means IT equipment like computers, printers and laptops, it can also include high value items such as televisions, kitchen equipment, and whiteboards or specialist items like chemistry sets. One of our schools used the asset management solution to track their specialist equipment – an entire motor vehicle fleet. What might have been a huge task was easy to complete with their asset management software.


Asset Management from SG World makes it easy to record movements of everything from a projector going between classrooms, to an ICT lab that’s being set up in a brand new building. The software lets you move individual assets and entire rooms from one location to another in the virtual map of your school or academy’s site as easily as cutting and pasting.

Is the sheer amount of assets at your school making you think twice about moving to a digital asset management system? SG World can help. We offer a complete asset discovery service and an annual asset update service to get your school or academy completely set up with Asset Management from SG World . All you have to do is ask!

Manage And Effectively Track Your School’s Digital Assets With Asset Management from SG World Asset Management Software


Discovering and managing all of the software on every computer on your network would be an almost impossible manual task, but Asset Management from SG World provides the solution with a full software asset management suite.

With the Asset Management from SG Worldmodule, you can monitor your license compliance to ensure that your school isn’t overusing software in violation of the terms of its licensing, or spending too much by paying for underused or unused software.


The license manager lets you manage the software your school had paid for by tracking copies across your network. With Asset Management from SG World you can manage bundled software licenses, for software suites like Adobe or Microsoft Office. You define the type of license in Asset Management from SG World and it can alert you if your school or academy’s actual use exceeds what you have paid for.

The software asset module has an e-Safety component that can alert your network administrator when software is installed offsite or other changes are made to school property. The e-Safety tool is a good way to ensure your staff and pupils are using the internet in a safe and appropriate way.

Asset Management using Asset Management from SG World

Asset Management from SG World was designed with schools and academies in mind – and we know that a busy school business manager isn’t going to want to learn an entirely new and esoteric system. We’ve worked with schools to design something that is powerful and user friendly.

Asset Management made easy

Asset Management from SG World is icon based with a visual navigation. When you first set up Asset Management from SG World, you will create a virtual layout of your school which you can then populate with the school or academy’s assets. There’s no tabbing through files or searching for print outs – to see what assets you have, you simply click on the building or room you would like to audit and view the assets contained inside.

Import data into Asset Management software

If you have been working off of computerised data, you can use it to populate your new asset management system. Asset Management from SG World has a CSV data import function which lets you bring CSV files into the program. Asset Management from SG World also has an export function which lets you examine your data in more detail on a desktop or outside of the program. Asset Management from SG World also provides a merge function to allow you to add large amounts of data in bulk to existing assets on the system.


Easy Reporting Functions

Once your new school asset management solution is set up, you can report on any data that has been put into the system. You can customise your reports to help with procurement, insurance valuations, life cycle management or a range of other functions designed to make your asset management processes run smoothly.

Set Access Limits and Controls for Multiple Users

Asset Management from SG World asset management software is a multi-user system. The software allows you to set up 12 users who can access the system. These can be individuals, such as your school business manager or head teacher, or they can be entire departments.

You are able to set different levels of access for your users. Asset Management from SG World can be configured to allow different levels of users and determine just who can add, remove or edit the assets in your software.

Asset Discovery Service and Helpdesk Services

SG World provides an asset discovery service and an annual asset audit service which can help your school or academy get started with a digital asset management system with a minimum of effort. Use of Asset Management from SG World includes a UK-based helpdesk service to ensure you are getting the most out of your asset management solution.

School Inventory Management

Asset Management from SG World is a digital solution for school asset management. Unlike a typical software program which is based on a desktop and only accessible from that particular machine, Asset Management from SG World runs on the internet. You can access Asset Management from SG World from anywhere that has an internet connection – from your school office, offsite or even at home. Asset Management from SG World allows you to easily track you school inventory.

In the event of an emergency at your school or academy, paper records might disappear or a computer might become inaccessible. Asset Management from SG World means that if you are ever in the situation where you need to know what your school or academy owns, such as for a large insurance claim, you don’t have to worry about recreating your records, or even putting something together from nothing. The School Inventory management software can help you in many ways, get in touch today.


School inventory management on your phone or tablet

Asset Management from SG World Mobile is an application that lets you access your school’s asset register from a mobile phone. You can replicate many of the features of the same school inventory management software accessed on a web browser now through your phone or tablet.

Supported Devices Include:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets

Asset Management from SG World Mobile is perfect for when you want to add new items to the database or perform an audit of your inventory on the move. With the Asset Management from SG World mobile asset management application you can upload photographs, track your inventory and record PAT tests or maintenance.Asset Management from SG World mobile is the perfect School inventory management to use on your mobile phone or tablet.

The application is ideal for schools or academies with support staff working across multiple sites. Asset Management from SG World mobile application works off of your mobile device’s 3G connection, or can be used on WiFi to keep the costs of connectivity to a minimum.

We Can Make Moving To An Asset Management Software Solution Pain Free!

Moving to a digital asset management software solution doesn’t have to be a nightmare. SG World offers an asset discovery service that can get you up and running with Asset Management from SG World in under a week.

Our DBS-checked engineers will come to your school or academy to set up your Asset Management with an exact replica of your site based off of floor plans, including all the buildings and rooms. Our team will set up the user accounts and train your members of staff to use the system and tag new assets as they come into the organisation. We recommend three days on site to set up a primary school and six days for an academy or secondary school.

The Complete Asset Discovery Service Includes:

  • Setup of Asset Management from SG World with school users and a school’s floor plan
  • Photographs of each room for insurance purposes
  • Individual photographs of high value assets
  • Assets added to Asset Management from SG World and viewable by you with an easy pictorial interface
  • Optional barcoding of electrical items
  • Basic data entry for all of your school’s assets, including make and model
  • Set up of the reports you’ll need to audit your assets
  • An overview guide of the system for you and your staff

SG World can also help with a Software Auditing Service. We will help you to discover all of the software on the computers on your network, record your licenses and help initiate license metering to effectively use the licenses you have and help to make sure you don’t have unlicensed software running on your machines.

Annual Asset Register Update - With our Asset Management

SG World can help keep your asset management software up to date with regular site visits. We’ll take away the worry that your assets might not be up-to-date by checking your site’s rooms against Asset Management from SG World to ensure assets are properly recorded and giving your asset management solution a check-up to ensure that the contents at your school or academy are accurately represented in our solution.

Full Staff Training on Asset Management from SG World

SG World will provide full training for the staff at your school or academy to ensure you get the most effective use out of your asset management solution.

Our comprehensive training session will cover:

  • Creating rooms and adding assets
  • Adding data to your assets
  • Moving and deleting assets
  • Creating users and setting their access permissions
  • Using the mobile application
  • Using the software license manager modules
  • Creating your own reports

UK-Based Support for Your Asset Management Solution

You can get help when you need it with our UK-based helpdesk. SG World offers a telephone and internet helpdesk available to customers using Asset Management from SG World . There is also a built-in helpdesk feature in Asset Management from SG World which lets you create tickets to get support from within the program.