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How can the Customised Toilet and Incontinence Record Book help your school or nursery?

The fully branded Toilet and Continence book helps your school by helping keep accurate records of instances during the day where a staff member has had to clean or change a child who has wet or soiled themselves.

The toilet and continence book provides a way to create a record of the instance and provide a tear-off notification slip for parents or guardians to inform them in a discreet and sensitive manner.

  • As each instance occurs, the responsible member of staff completes the slip, recording details such as: date and time, child's name, names of assisting staff members, the nature of the instance and what care was provided. The top slip can be torn off and returned directly to the parents or guardians when the child is collected, or placed inside the child's school bag. A permanent copy remains in the book and can be used to provide evidence when applying for SEN support or to highlight behavioural patterns.
  • The Toilet and Continence Book is especially suited for Early Years or SEN environments and can help to implement best practices for safeguarding and creating a supportive school environment.
  • Each book consists of 30 duplicate pages, and is fully customisable to suit individual school's needs.
  • Each book is printed in your school logo and colours.