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We’re sure you will have had a good look through the new ETI Safeguarding Guidance and DE Circular and are thinking about how this impacts your policies and procedures in key safeguarding areas such as visitor management, bullying, attendance and intimate care.

If you are looking for tried and trusted ways of implementing the new guidance SG World can help in many areas:
1. Practical, tried and trusted ways to incorporate the latest DENI Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidance.

2. SG World helps schools address the Bullying in Schools Act (NI) 2016 by helping track incidents of bullying and alleged bullying.

3. The Designated Teacher for Child Protection is a demanding role and serious responsibility. Our time-saving solutions help you stay on top of your busy schedule without compromising on safety.

4. We provide robust record keeping solutions that can help schools provide accurate feedback to parents, governors, ETI and the Public Services Ombudsman.

5. Solutions which help school build sound safeguarding processes for anti-bullying, intimate care, educational visits, attendance and a safer environment into their daily routines.

6. Track latecomers and authorised absences to promote punctuality and improve attendance.

7. Our visitor management solutions are easy to use, incorporate best practice safeguarding guidance and make a great first impression.

8. Dependable medicine administration solutions which bring peace of mind for parents, children and staff alike.

9. Innovative ways to help you keep the group together, informed and safe on school trips.

10. Keep parents informed of any incidents or accidents on the school premises including any relevant supporting information plus updated internal records.

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