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We all know that workplace Health & Safety takes flight when it captures the hearts and minds of everyone on site, and it isn’t left to you alone.

So how can you really engage your workforce and embed important Health & Safety messages into their daily routines? SG World’s products can help you:
Broaden Safety ownership
Standardise Safety behaviours
Achieve your Safety vision
Formalise Safety expectations
Engage people in your Safety message

You want to keep your colleagues safe and sound but you can’t be looking over their shoulder all of the time, that’s why we have developed BSafe.

BSafe inspires safe working behaviours by keeping your safety messages highly visible and engaging. Whatever your safety goal is be it visitor/contractor management, equipment safety checks or risk assessments to name a few, SG World has the practical solution and the means to drive safe behaviours on a daily basis.

Implementing a BSafe campaign demonstrates an ongoing commitment to a safe working culture for colleagues and external visitors alike. With over 40 years of conversations and shared expertise with the Health & Safety community, SG World helps you deliver practical solutions that
keep your people safe and your
company compliant.
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