Who are SG World?

Here at SG World we’ve been providing practical safety and compliance solutions for businesses and schools for over 50 years. Our diverse product range is designed to make it easy for organizations to adopt best practices into their daily routines.

From visitor management systems to pre-use inspections, contractor management, and safety signage, we’re committed to helping organizations protect people, premises, and property. If you need assistance with safety systems or compliance, SG World is a reliable choice!

At SG World, we firmly believe that our people are the heart of our success. We put people first, second, and third. Happy, engaged staff lead to satisfied customers. Our motivated and organized sales force, customer service, and technical support teams all share one goal: making SG World a pleasure to work with.

Smile it’s Friday Thursday!

Yes, SG World have decided to adopt a 4-day working week. So how will that affect our customers? Quite simply - it won’t. Our core objective is a better way of working for our staff and our customers. So rest assured our Support Team will still be on hand to help Monday - Friday.

What makes us tick?

We actually like a problem

We’re great at all the obvious stuff and we really excel at the tricky stuff. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, we have the experience and resources in place to quickly transform an idea into a practical solution.

We're just looking for love

Yep - if you don’t love our products and our service then we’re doing something wrong and won’t be happy until we make it right. We’re very proud to be people pleasers.

We learn and share with our customers

With over twenty thousand UK customers, we’re continually building on our experience of providing tried and trusted products and innovating for the future.

We're always evolving

We are extremely proud of our longstanding history of excellence but this never stops us from looking forward. You can see this in our expanding range of software based solutions and acquisitions.